Bobcats and Their Favorite Spring Activities

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Bobcats and Their Favorite Spring Activities

Jenna Ranney

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On Tuesday March 20, 2018, it will be the first day of spring. This time of year the temperatures start to warm and the flowers start to bud. Everyone has their different ways of enjoying the weather and the ending of the winter months. Here are a look at some of your teachers’ and peers’ favorite spring activities!

Starting off with Mrs. Roppelt, a math teacher here at Bel Air. During the spring time she enjoys tennis, hiking and walking her dog. In the spring time, Mrs.Roppelt will play tennis once a week with a group of friends at Patterson Mill High School. She also walks her dog, named Max, every evening with her daughter Lily in a stroller. Lastly, hiking with her husband at Rocks States Park. Mrs.Roppelt loves spending the warm weather with her family and loves taking in the sunshine!

Next up is Riley Jester, a Junior Bobcat. This spring she started track and will be throwing in the upcoming meets. She enjoys going to lacrosse games with her friends to support the teams but also loves supporting her younger brother and sister who play baseball and softball. Opening day at Forest Lakes Elementary and opening day for the Orioles is one of her favorite things about spring. Also, when it gets warmer she enjoys drinking lemonade, driving with the windows down, and listening to music

Mr. Hedelson, the environmental teacher here at Bel Air enjoys hiking, bird watching, and fishing. His favorite type of bird to watch are eagles. Eagles can commonly be seen near the Conowingo Dam. Mr.Hedelson has traveled a lot and has seen many places. Stop by and ask him where he’s been!

My favorite part about spring is lacrosse season. I get to spend almost every day with my team and travel to away games with them. Last year, we won states and we’re all hoping for a repeat this year! I also enjoy going out to eat with my friends, now that they all can drive. Warm weather is my favorite part about spring.

Whether it’s spending time with family or being outside, we all have different favorite spring activities. Enjoy the upcoming spring Bobcats!

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