More Snow vs Less Snow

Connor Ostadali

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Greetings bobcats! Today I have the question for you, “Would you have liked more snow? Or less, or basically no snow at all?” Everybody has his or her own opinion, and whichever side you are on, there is no right or wrong answer.

First, I will give my opinion about having more snow. If we were to get more snow, we would have needed to make up more days at the end of the year, except seniors, and have a shorter summer/spring break, if the county were to take days off to make up for snow. So what is good about having more snow if all it means is we have to make up the days later on in the summer? Imagine it’s Sunday night, you hear all this talk about snow, and you hope they cancel school because you forgot to do your homework for Monday. You go to bed, the sound of your phone ringing at five in the morning wakes you up, and school is canceled. When that happens, I do not care how early it is, my heart rates jumps, and I get so hyped that there is no school. The feeling of having a snow day is so special and unique since half of the country will never have a snow day in their life. Snow days feel so special and I would make up that day later on in the summer if we have a snow day any day of the year.

So why is it better to have no snow in a year? Well for starters, you get out of school on time and have a long summer since no days needed to make up. If you and your family are planning on going on vacation, you could go a bit earlier since you did not have to make up any days. If you were trying to get a job for summer, you would be able to start it earlier and make some more money since you did not need to make up that extra week or two because you had no snow. In addition, if it never snowed, there is no need to shovel the driveway for hours just for the county plows to pile it up at the end all again. Having more snow would definitely be more convenient since no days would needed to be made up.

Whether or not you enjoy snow days, I hope that this year you had a good couple of days off to relax and do some fun snow day activities with your friends and family. When you are a senior, I’m sure that you want a blizzard to hit since you don’t have to make up any days.

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More Snow vs Less Snow