How Some Bobcats Spend the Holidays

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How Some Bobcats Spend the Holidays

Jenna Ranney

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Around this time each year families are gearing up for the holidays. Every family has certain traditions that make the holidays so special to them and the ones around them. Traditions can change as the year goes on but they will always be different for each family. Here’s an inside look into the traditions of some of our fellow Bobcats.

Autumn Dougherty, a junior at BAHS, goes to a Christmas Eve church service and does something fun with her family afterwards like see a movie. The next morning on Christmas Day, her family wakes up around 10 A.M. since all of the kids are older. Then, her family comes over and watches them open presents and eat a big breakfast. After that, they go to her Nan’s house, and then her grandmother’s for a big dinner.

Gavin Yetter, a sophomore, spends his holidays doing fun activities with his family. Gavin and his family go bowling at around 11 A.M. and then they open PJ’s to wear that night. On Christmas Day, they eat homemade French toast after opening their presents.

Derek Freund, a junior, gets up at 10A.M. to open gifts with his family. After this, his parents start cooking Christmas dinner so it will be ready when his family comes over. His family arrives around 5 P.M. for dinner and leaves around 9 P.M.

Autumn Conway, a freshman, has many traditions with her family. On Christmas Eve, her whole family wakes up and goes to Double T Diner. After breakfast, they go home and watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” At the end of the movie, all the grandkids get their presents from the grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Later that night, they all go over to her uncle’s house for a huge family dinner. On Christmas Day, her family wakes up and open their presents. After, they go over to her uncle’s house to watch her cousins open their presents. Church comes after presents and then they come home and watch the parade and hang out as a family!

Jake Fiacco, a junior, says he opens one gift every Christmas Eve, which is always pajamas to wear that night and the next day. On Christmas day they all wake up early in the morning around 8 A.M. to make monkey bread. While the monkey bread is cooking they open their presents starting with the stocking stuffers. After this, he heads over to his dad’s house to do Christmas with him.

Everyone has different holiday traditions that they do every single year. Spending time with family members and friends is what makes the holidays so special. Happy Holidays Bobcats!

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