Winter Approaches, Temperatures Drop

Skyler Duffy

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While we’re in the middle of fall, the weather in Harford County just started dropping. With the weather getting cooler, people need to get prepared and bundle up to stay warm.

When the weather quickly dropped to 40 degrees in the middle of November, many people were unprepared for this sudden spike in the cold. Many rainy days in November ensured it remained chilly outside. It is important to be prepared for this weather. Due to the weather dropping so rapidly, there is a large chance of people in the area getting sick, especially with the rainy weather.

“If it is going to get this cold and rain this often ,the least we could do is get snow” stated Mason Bosley, a sophomore at Bel Air High School.

With the constant rain and the cold weather, it makes many people unhappy and chilly. Having to warm up your car before you go anyway is a nuisance, yet it must be donet to avoid a miserable car ride. With the rain ensuring it stays cold, there doesn’t appear to be any sign of the weather getting better.

“I hate the rain, but I can’t wait till it snows.” Stated Brandon Dejohn, a junior at Bel Air High School.

Overall, if the weather is getting cold, people want it to get cold enough to snow. With the rain just making every day miserable, the snow would cancel school and work for many people. Making the cold not seem as bad in everyone’s eyes.

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Winter Approaches, Temperatures Drop