Thanksgiving Traditions

Hana Leftridge

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Traditions are a big part of the Thanksgiving holiday, as almost every American family has their own way of celebrating. Traditions range from stuffing the turkey to taking time to watch the Macy’s Day Parade. Below, I’ve compiled a list of Thanksgiving traditions!

The Turkey and Trimmings: A turkey on the table to a Thanksgiving staple. According to the National Turkey Federation, 95 percent of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Despite being a common Thanksgiving meal, the preparation of this delicious bird can vary. In Hawaii it’s a tradition to rub the turkey in coffee before roasting, New Englanders crusts their turkeys in salt, and in the south they specialize is deep fried turkeys.

Throwing Around the Pigskin: The Thanksgiving Day football game are just as common as pumpkin pie and turkey. This tradition can be dated back to Thanksgiving Day in 1876 when the first intercollegiate football championship game was held. According to the Washington Examiner, 28.5 million people tuned into the game on Thanksgiving Day in 2015.

Big Balloons: As seen on TV each year, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has become a very popular tradition. The Washington Examiner concluded that 3.5 million people lined the streets of NYC to watch the Macy’s Day Parade in 2015. The first Thanksgiving Day Parade is dated back to 1920, and was put together by Gimbel’s Department Store in Philadelphia. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade that we’ve all come to know, and love however didn’t debut until 1924.

Make a Wish: Some families may experience a brief debacle over which two people get to have their try at the “wishbone”. Also known as the “lucky break”, the tradition of pulling the bone in hopes of holding the bigger piece dates back further than many would think. This tradition has been dated back to the Etruscans in 322 B.C. The Romans also celebrated this tradition and brought it with them when they concurred England AD 43. The English then brought that tradition with them to the first American Colonies.

Giving Thanks: Last, but certainly not least. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and counting your blessings. Families may celebrate this tradition as a group with a special blessing or grace before dinner. Others take it upon themselves to spread the cheer and help those who are less fortunate, by providing holiday meals for the homeless. 

I hope that you have found the listed traditions enlightening, Bobcats and that you had a very happy Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving Traditions