How to Cope With Stress

Jenna Ranney

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Stress is a factor in everyone’s lives no matter who you are. It affects your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Stress in teens can be huge when you take into consideration all the homework, projects, and extracurricular activities they have. An absence of social interactions can add to stress because of all the distractions. It is not healthy for your wellbeing and body to be stressed, as stress can lead to many health problems. Most of us have had the situation of a night of a lot of homework and waking up to a couple pimples, which can be caused by stress on your body.

Holding in stress can make things worse so it should be relieved by doing something you are interested in or something that calms your mind whenever you have time. Taking a break from social media and finding time for yourself to calm your mind in stressful times is healthy and needed. Here are some ideas to do that!

In the house:

Coloring is a huge stress reliever for kids and adults. Coloring books for adults have been booming off the market in the past year. It stimulates creativity and quietness to calm the mind, giving you a break from stress. Another way to stimulate creativity and relieve stress is to paint. Painting gives you a way to express whatever your feeling and get it out of you. It can help to create a sense of peace.

Baking also can reduce stress, and it is a way to satisfy your creativity and taste buds. Baking for other people can make you feel proud of yourself, stimulating happy emotions.

Taking a bath helps your whole body to relax by making your mind feel relaxed. Avoiding social media can also help with this because you have time to clear your mind and forget about things going on around you.


Taking a trip to a beach or waterfall is a way to get out of the house and have a “breath of fresh air.” Going to a place that you feel comfortable in can benefit you by providing no distractions so you are only able to focus on the area around you. Hearing the sound of waves, birds, or water running distracts the mind keeping you at ease. That is why some people fall asleep to the sounds of nature on their phone because it calms them before sleep.

Doing things for the benefit of others can give you positive emotions towards life because it makes you feel better as a person. Working with animals, a nursing home, etc. Having these interactions can build trust and relationships, which aids in stress relief.

Talking to a counselor is one of the closest options to you. Although most people don’t want to talk their feelings out, the counselors are always here for help with any situation you need.

Don’t let stress effect your life. Relieve it in a way that helps you best and that will make your life all-around healthier and easier!

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