Ways to Volunteer

Jenna Ranney

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It’s that time of year again, where the leaves are turning and the weather is getting chillier and chiller as we get closer to winter. Fall and winter may be a boring time with the sun not being out to do activities outside but there is a solution! Volunteering around your school and community can keep you busy and get you hours for applications. Volunteering can be done at almost anywhere, including somewhere you could be interested in, so here are some tips for you.

If you’re a cat person or animal lover, PetSmart has a volunteering program where you take care of many cats and kittens. Taking care of them comes with everything like cleaning out their cage and wiping it down, feeding them, giving them medicine(sometimes), playing with them, and of course, giving them love before they get adopted! To sign up, go to PetSmart and near the cat area will be a sign up table with a sheet for you to fill out. On this sheet you have to sign whether you would be okay with fostering kittens or not and whether you agree to the terms and conditions. This is only a two to three hour service per week or more if you would like. If you are under 18, you will need a parent/guardian there with you. This only adds some extra help!

Another option for volunteering is helping out around the school. Joining Hope club is a great opportunity to find out and help in every way. Mrs.McDonough leads many volunteering days where you can help out with an event. Decorating for Homecoming is one of them, so when the time comes next year you can be ready. Every year there is a school clean up day where everyone comes together to clean up the school whether it’s picking up trash, planting new trees, or changing the mulch. Everything helps to make the school a better and healthier environment and you can be apart of that. When game time comes for every fall, winter, and summer sport, you can help out in concessions for JV or Varsity. Also, if your favorite time of year is Christmas, a great way to volunteer is helping to sell trees! This is run through the school, so you can sign up this winter! These are not the only opportunities for you, so sign up through Mrs.McDonough.

There are many choices all around you. Hospitals, vets, humane society’s, nursing homes, etc are all part of this. So make your time worth it Bobcats and help out the community today!

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