Flu Season in Harford County

Skyler Duffy

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October officially starts flu season, and with the flu beginning to take many victims, Harford County must try to stop this epidemic and ensure the disease doesn’t spread. The flu also known as influenza can take lives if not treated, and is a serious sickness many mistake as a joke.

The flu shot has the potential to try and stop the flu, making your body immune to the flu before it comes.

 “I received the flu shot last month and so far, I have no received any nasal congestion or cough within the month of September and most of October. I highly recommend the flu shot due to it leading to safety from the deadly virus commonly known as the flu as called influenza. If you don’t receive the flu shot, you are at high risk of receiving this deadly virus and won’t be safe during this highly contagious time. “said Keith-Allen Coronel, a Junior at Bel Air High School.

This clearly shows the safety some students want in their school, and their worries about trying not to catch influenza. As well as the concern for safety in the community.

While the flu is very dangerous, some people refuse to receive the flu shot, believing it doesn’t prevent the virus of the flu and can make you more likely to receive the disease.

“Humans are flawed, and the doctors always predict the wrong strand.” stated Chad Ryan, a Junior at Fallston High School.

Overall, the flu is everywhere and while some people chose to try to prevent this possibly deadly disease, the final decision on whether to get the shot and help prevent the flu or not is up to you.

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Flu Season in Harford County