Growing Strawberries

Connor Ostadali

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Greetings, Bobcats! Today I would like to share my experience of growing strawberries from seeds.

To start, I had an old plant that was dead, but had some good soil in it with little pieces of rocks. Taking a sifter, I sifted the soil through, leaving me with a fine soil that I left in the pot. I proceeded to soak it with water to prepare the soil for the seeds.

While the water was getting absorbed into the soil, I took a strawberry from the fridge and rinsed it off real quick. I then took a pair of tweezers and carefully began to pick off the seeds from the skin of the berry. You have to be very meticulous while picking the seeds so that way you do not poke the seed and break it in half making it unusable.

Once I had a good amount of seeds picked, I place them gently on top of the damp soil and allowed for the water to, over time, sink them beneath the surface of the soil.

When it comes to watering the seeds, you should never constantly water them at a specific time each day, but instead water the seeds when the soil begins to get a bit dry, but not too dry. Overwatering the seeds will make them not grow, so just be conscious when watering them.

Make sure the pot that you put the seeds in is in an area that is in/near direct sunlight, to allow the seeds to grow. Making sure the seeds are watered and have sunlight is the best way to make sure they grow correctly and without any inconveniences.

Overall, it is a good experience to grow your own plants because you get a feel for how long it actually takes food to grow. The fruit and veggies that you buy at the store take a very long time to grow, and the farmers that grow them may not get the appreciation that they deserve.

I hope that I have inspired some of you to grow your own plants. It is very rewarding when the seeds branch off into a steam, and start to grow!

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Growing Strawberries