Some Interesting Bands You May Not Know Of

Cassi Misciagna

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Around the world, numerous individuals and bands are always trying to share their love of music with a vast audience using their creativity and inspiration from both the past and present to create their unique compositions. Here are some of these individuals and bands from around the world today who are eager to make their mark within the music community.  

The electro swing artist, Parov Stelar, from Austria is known for being one of Electro-swings initial founders in the early 1990’s. He currently has a total of fourteen albums, twenty-one EPs, and fifteen singles with his newest album, The Burning Spider, coming out on April 21, 2017. Furthermore, some of his music is in advertisements, movie soundtracks, and even video games. In Stelar’s music, audiences can expect to find remixes of older tunes along with original compositions that take heavy inspiration from the vocals, rhythm, and sound of music that would have been heard in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Caravan Palace is an electro swing band from Paris, France that has gained noticeable popularity in Switzerland, Belgium, and France. In their music, each member uses their talents to create exciting and high-paced dance beat inspired tunes from the 1930’s and 1940’s. Thus, the group has repeatedly made it onto the bestselling charts and even garnered a brief television appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show and Jools Annual Hootenanny. Currently, they have three albums, Caravan Palace, Panic, and <|°_°|> (Robot Face), up for sale to the public since their 2008 debut. Furthermore, they will be performing live this year at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, New Jersey on July 2, 2017.

Daughter is an indie band from London, England that formed in 2010. The group has released two albums since their debut, If You Leave and Not to Disappear with both doing noticeably well in the countries they have been released in. Thus, their songs, “Youth”, “Home”, “Medicine”, “Touch”, and “Death Benefit” were in television commercials, remixes, and the popular shows such as Grey’s Anatomy. In the band, Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli, and Remi Aguilera make songs using guitars, vocals, percussion instruments with a heavy inspiration from the sound of various types of folk music. Furthermore, their tunes often have a soft start, but gradually become a more intense rhythm as each progress with the group describing events such as heartbreak and regret.

The dark wave performer Aurelio Voltaire Hernández gained noticeable popularity during the early 2000’s for his work on Cartoon Network’s, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, however, his unique sound has kept his music fresh. Throughout his years, nearly twenty years of work, the artist has adapted his sound for a broad array of audiences with tracks such as Brains, which features heavy vocals and a lighthearted story, and The Headless Waltz, which is about death and decapitation. In addition, he is also a writer, animator, cartoonist, actor, and director, making him a modern-day renaissance man in pop culture due to his multiple talents. Today, he has eleven albums up for sale and free to listen from on YouTube, but unfortunately, he has not released any new songs since 2014.

The Brobecks is a rock band founded by Dallon Weekes, the backup vocalist and bass player from the band Panic at the Disco, in 2002. The band initially started its career as an indie pop band, however after Weekes joined Panic at the Disco in 2009, went on a brief hiatus until 2012. Abruptly after 2013, the group halted their music once more, and today, it is uncertain if they will ever release another album since they are not with a label. During their run The Brobecks released four albums, Understanding the Brobecks, Happiest Nuclear Winter, Goodnight and Have a Pleasant Tomorrow, and Violent Things along with four EPs, Small Cuts, I Will, Tonight, Your Mother Should Know, and Quiet Title. In their music, the band has a range of sounds such as unique dance beats and calming rhythms that accompany their often-unsettling lyrics, which range from everyday situations like heartache to subjects like drug abuse and self-harm.

Emma Blackery is known for her YouTube stardom as a comedian, but recently her music career has started to take off in the form of EPs. Starting back in 2012, she released her first couple of tracks through her Human Behavior EP, which only had four songs in total, “Eventide”, “Wisdom Teeth”, “Glory Days”, and “Human Behavior”. However, this year she will be releasing her newest EP, with six new tracks. In her music, Emma takes inspiration from pop punk and rock bands from the early 2000’s to create a diverse range of music with both disheartening and light-hearted tempos and vocals.

Set it Off is a pop punk band from Tampa, Florida that was formed in 2008 that just released their album third album, Upside Down, last October. During the band’s existence, the four main members, Cody Carson, Dan Clermont, Zach Dewall, and Austin Kerr have fortunately released their music with the help of Equal Vision Records after being discovered using YouTube. However, the band has also faced the issues finding a full-time percussionist, causing the group to change their drummer four times since their debut. Their current percussionist, Blake Howell, has been with the group since 2010, but prior to his arrival Benjamin Panico, Blake Howell, and James Arran worked with the band.  

The rock band, Icon for Hire, was formed in Decatur, Illinois by Ariel Bloomer, the main vocalist of the group, and Shawn Jump, the band’s drummer, as an independent project in 2007, which toured across the Midwest. However, following the release of their first three EPs, Now You Know, Icon for Hire, and The Grey, the group was discovered by Tooth & Nail Records which allowed them to publish their first two albums, Scripted and Icon for Hire. As of 2015, the band no longer wanted to work with their record company, and instead opted to be independent from any official label. The following year through the help of crowdfunding, the band released their You Can’t Kill Us album before going on tour once more. In their music, the band takes influence from a range of various groups such as Linkin Park and The Black Eyed Peas to create their unique rhythm.

The electronic dance band REOL is a Japanese group that started in 2015 which blends their own vocals with those they have created using Vocaloids such as Hatsune Miku. Originally, the main creator, Reol, began her work as a solo act, but after signing a deal with Toy’s Factory, the fourth biggest record label in Japan, she formed a band with two of her colleagues. Today, the band has three members, Reol, GigaP, and Okiku, that collaborate to make both the background music and vocals for their songs. In 2016, the group released their first album, Sigma, but they also have a YouTube channel titled REOL where they release much of their new music.

There are multiple artists worldwide trying to share their love of music with the world, and with different mediums, rhythms, and experiences these artists make their unique sound heard. However, there are always new musicians starting their journey each day to make their dreams of reaching a mass audience a reality. Happy listening!

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Some Interesting Bands You May Not Know Of