Spring Break is Near

Rachel Meyers

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Finally, the time everyone has been waiting for. There are plenty of fun things to do during break, especially now since the weather is getting somewhat nicer.

Now that the warmth is slowly approaching, stores are getting their new spring collections in and I am sure many people out there are planning to go shopping for summer. You can plan on going to the outlets with some friends or even just a local mall during the break before the final stretch of the school year!

Planning something fun with your friends or family, like going on a day trip to the beach, New York, or going somewhere by train/bus could be a great experience for those who like to do outgoing things.

Staying home is another option. Being able to just relax and hang out with your loved ones and good friends is always a great way to spend a few days off school.

Five days off may not seem like much, but it is better than nothing! There are varieties of things that can keep you busy during this time, so just have fun. We will see you after spring break, Bobcats!

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Spring Break is Near