Spotlight: Michael Jaehnig

Jake Rolocut

Let’s meet Michael Jaehnig, a junior at Bel Air High School. Michael has been skating for five years now and has become quite accomplished in what he does.

He has been working very hard and takes all of this very seriously, as he can’t really see himself pursuing a life outside of skateboarding. Just recently, he went out to California this year to go and film.

If you’re wondering just how dedicated Michael really is, he’s currently being sponsored by Skatology and has a few others looking his way. In addition to that, he is in the middle of working on a Welcome to the Team Park Video.

“I’ve had a lot of fun skating in the last few years and I really hope that I keep getting these kinds of chances in the future so I can continue to skate.” Says Jaehnig.

Moreover, just to let you know, going out and trying to find a sponsor, even by a smaller company, is the hardest part because you must make a name for yourself before people will start to recognize you.

If you get the chance, you should really go out of your way to meet Michael. He’s a great guy who’s going places fast!