Best Haunted Houses

Caroline Schumann

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With October just around the corner, it’s time to start looking into some of the spookiest and most terrifying attractions that this Halloween season has to offer… Here are just a two of the scariest voted haunted houses within a few hours of Bel Air.

The Pennhurst Asylum, in Spring City,  Pennsylvania, is an attraction that includes a hospital themed walk thru. The Dungeon of Lost Souls, one of the many additional attractions at Pennhurst, features CGI special effects, illusions, great detail, and amazing actors. The Tunnel of Terror takes you through a 900-foot-long gauntlet underneath the grounds of the old State School. The final attraction, Ghost Hunt,  is a self-guided tour of the Mayflower Building. This hunt includes an all new walking tour of an abandoned section of the infamous Pennhurst property.

Ticket prices range from $16.00 to $47.00 depending on which attractions you intend on visiting. To purchase tickets, go on their website for pricing specifics.

Field of Screams, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, offers some of the most intense, heart-pounding, bone-chilling experiences year after year, and night after night. There are more gruesome scenes, horrifying sights, special effects, incredible details, and startling scares than ever before. This haunted house will leave you begging for mercy, as you journey through the Frightmare Asylum and make your way through the Den of Darkness. Even more fear awaits you as you trek through the Nocturnal Wasteland, a desolate forest where few survivors remain. Nocturnal Wasteland provides the most extreme haunted experience, as you are forced to come face to face with its disturbing inhabitants deep in the middle of the dark woods.

Ticket prices for this scary site range from $16.00 to $31.00. To purchase tickets, go on their website to reserve your right to a frightful night today.

If you want a scary haunted house, it’s worth the drive. Don’t deny yourself the full Halloween experience this year. Come visit either one of these terrifying attractions, or one of the many others located closer to home.

Because, let’s be honest. With the days getting shorter, and the chill of fall-time nights getting colder… Better to go out in search of something scary, before something scary goes out in search of you.

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Best Haunted Houses