Bel Air Student to Compete with National Softball Team


It is an exciting day for not only the Bel Air Softball team but for sophomore, Sofia Gallahue!

Gallahue has earned an amazing accomplishment and will be playing for the Greece National Softball Team. When asked what’s she looking forward to in competing with the team, Gallahue said, “Playing with the people that are more advanced and I’m excited to play against the Polynesian team and other national teams.”

Gallahue has been playing softball for about 8 years and her career has been extremely successful. She was extremely excited to hear the news of making the team.

Not much information has really been released about her season with the team yet, but she was able to tell us that she has a game with the team over the summer in Denver, Colorado! We all hope Sofia an amazing season not only with Bel Air but also her national team!

Be sure to stop and say congratulations if you see her in the hallway, she deserves it!