Winter Sports Season Wraps Up This February

Have you been to a game this winter?


The Boys Basketball Season has been going well with several wins and a strong starting five.

Morgan Solle, Staff Writer

The winter sports season is coming to a close, and we asked coaches about their opinions about how the seasons have been going.  

Girls Basketball

As we approach the end of the season, the coaches were eager to talk about how their season has gone. Coach Calvin Skelton, who coaches Girls’ Varsity basketball, expressed that this season has been “amazing.” “[The girls have] done an amazing job of growing together as a team.” Coach Skelton values embracing the process of improvement with his team and the growth that not only the coaches see, but fans as well.  


Coach Craig Reddish, the head coach of the wrestling team, has carried his wrestlers through in a different way than most do. Both junior varsity and varsity practice together, which makes the team stronger. With new talent coming in and old talent getting stronger, the wrestling team is 29-7. Reddish recognizes talent when he sees it, and some of the most talent he has seen this season is Dominic Gray, a freshman on varsity and Chris Nice, an undefeated wrestler. We’ll see what next season brings for these two.


Coach Galen Zeigler, the coach of the boys and girls swim team, has also led the team to another amazing season under the school’s belt. Zeigler boasts that the boys went undefeated in the regular season meets and “were going into the district VII meet as the favorite to win.”

Zeigler also wanted to shout out a few of the Bel Air best. First, Emily Fatkin. Emily is the fastest female swimmer, “biggest leader on the girls’ team, and seasoned swimmer competing for the team all throughout high school.” Zeigler also wanted to shout out Ian Merrill for winning the BAHS athletes of the month due to his success in competition and his outstanding work ethic in practice. 

Winter Cheer

Coach Rebecca Manahan and Amy Rowe, the coaches of the winter cheerleading team, pride themselves on the connection between the JV and varsity team. Coach Rebecca Manahan says that the teams have a “big sister/little sister program” and attend events together to support each other. Ella Henson is the current captain of the varsity team, and has helped the team throughout the season with an abundance of knowledge. Manahan says the biggest reason people want to follow her lead is because of her unwaivering commitment to the team. 

As our teams wrap up this season, please continue to cheer LOUD for your Bobcats as many teams head to the playoffs. You can check out a Boys’ basketball update by reading through our recent articles on The Bellarion under the sports tab.