Siblings Like No Other Square Up Against Each Other

Emma Duvall, Sports Writer

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs faced off in Super Bowl 57 last night on February 13, 2023. The Philadelphia Eagles earned their spot in the Super Bowl when they beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-7 on January 23, while the Chiefs knocked off the Cincinatti Bengals 23-20. It was a close game, but the Chiefs pulled off a late-night win at Arrowhead Stadium, earning their ticket to the Super Bowl.  

Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Jason Kelce a center for the Philadelphia Eagles made history as the first brothers to ever play in the Super Bowl. After their Bengals win, Jason said “I got a Kansas City sweatshirt I’m gonna wear for the next three hours and then that’s it for the rest of the year.” He continues, “Win or lose, I’m done being a Chiefs fan”.  

Here at Bel Air High School, two sisters play with each other, not against each other. But their sibling rivalry brings some fun to the game.

 Anaiah and Annalise Lewis, a senior and a freshman, respectively, played this past fall for the Lady Bobcats. Annalise’s hard work earned her a spot on the Varsity team during playoffs, too.

When asked about play with her older sister, Annalise specifically mentions how the rivalry remains: “…It was cool, but we didn’t always agree on things, so it was like sometimes we would be really good together and other times I couldn’t stand her.” If you’ve ever had a sibling, I’m sure you can relate!

The Kelce brothers and the Lewis sisters have the same opinions on how it is playing with or against your siblings. It can be weird playing with a sibling, especially against since you grew up together, and may have never played against one another.  But, it’s all in good fun.

Prior to Sunday’s game, the brothers had been broadcasting their own podcast, where they discussed who they thought would take home the win. As we know now, Travis Kelce gets to claim the prize as the “winning” Kelce brother!