Student Athlete Status: Super or Stressful?

Student Athlete Status: Super or Stressful?

Emily Bailey, Staff Writer

  Some people think being a high school athlete is easy. Some think it is hard. I am one of many that think being a high school athlete is not easy and is actually pretty complicated. Having to go to practices 5-6 days a week all while having classes in school can be hard to balance. There is also the stress factor that plays a big part in having to keep your grades up in order to stay on the team. 

          One of the biggest struggles high school athletes face is finding a good way to balance school work along with their sport. Many students have AP or honors classes which sometimes can leave the student with extra work outside of school. Students have to find an in between, with focusing on their classes and focusing on their sport. There are kids that love their sport, but they don’t do so well in school. With students like this, it is hard for them to be able to focus on just school. Students do not realize how hard it is to balance your schoolwork with the sport you love the most until they are put in a position where they have to do it themselves.  

          Another big struggle student athletes face is the stress with grades. In high school sports, you cannot fail a class at any point. If there is any point where you have an E when progress reports or report cards come out, you cannot play for your team. Students have this big amount of stress on them with this particular subject. They want to do well in their sport and practice more outside of their team practices, but they also need to do their schoolwork, so they do not end up having a lot of missing assignments, causing their grade to go downhill. Students do not realize how important grades are, not only for you to pass the class, but to also be able to play your sport.  

          Ultimately, being a student athlete is not easy, in my opinion. Students do not realize the stress and hard work that comes into play when they want to play their sport. Do you think being a high school athlete is easy?