Bobcat Cheerleaders Flipping Toward Success


Reagan Ketcham

The Bobcat Cheer team prepares for their competition on Saturday, January 14, 2023.

Reagan Ketcham, Sports Writer

Bel Air High School’s Cheerleading team is working hard in preparation for their competition at Hereford High School on January 14, 2022.  

Ever since the first day of winter cheer practice, the cheerleaders have been working after school in hopes of succeeding. During practice the cheerleaders split up their time, working on everything they can in two hours. They start with stretching to ensure they keep themselves safe, so injuries are not frequent.  

Next, they work on tumbling where they do stand and running passes. Some of these passes can include roundoff handspring layouts, standing back tucks, and standing tucks. After, they move on to stunting where they do very creative and complicated stunts and baskets, finishing off with a beautiful pyramid. They finalize their warmup by having a fun dance that keeps everyone entertained.  

During their practice they also work on “full outs,” where they run their full routine, as if they are performing. The routine moves very fast, so they must think everything through and try not to rush themselves.  

Sometimes, other sports need the whole gym for their practices. To combat this, the cheerleaders take their 7 mats and roll them to the cafeteria where they move tables, making way for their necessary rehearsals.  The cheer team is always flexible and accommodating and a true part of the BAHS community.

All their hard work has led up to their competition season, so show up and show out for your cheerleaders and cheer them on the way they do you! The upcoming competition is this Saturday, January 14th at Hereford High School.