Field Hockey Dominated Fall Season with Amazing Teamwork


Coach Megan Lukasavage and the Girls’ Field Hockey Team cheer together after a game during the Fall 2022 season.

Kaylee Alderson, Staff Writer

As a successful fall season comes to an end, it is important to recognize the teams that have made huge accomplishments. This season, field hockey was extremely successful with a regular season record of 7-5. The team then went on to defeat the Aberdeen Eagles this past Monday, November 7, 2022, to win the Regional Championship!  

This team has succeeded in more ways than one, winning against C. Milton in the same way they lost last year. Head coach Megan Lukasavage said, “it couldn’t have been written any better.” The team captains Olivia Bannan, Sara McCollough, and Delaney McDermott, all seniors, led an amazing group of girls to have one of the best fall sports seasons this year.  

The group of girls worked together through every game, passing the ball and using one another to score goals. Paige Feick, the leading goal scorer, dominated the midfield this season with the help of her other midfielders, Carrie Ermentrout, Delaney McDermott and Sophia Harrison. All the other positions held the weight as well this season. Maggie Ermentrout and Avery Frank were looked to manage the forward line, Olivia Bannan, Faith Kregel and Riley Mason, the defensive backs, created a stronghold, and a big shout out to the goalies Mackenzie Leeson and Norah Delaney held strong in goal this year.  

All in all, the field hockey team deserves a huge pat on the back from all of Bobcat Nation for completing an incredible season, definitely one they won’t forget!