Bobcat Soccer Goalies Honored at All State Banquet

Emily McGrain, Staff Writer

On Monday January 31, 2022, Senior Emily McGrain and Junior Ethan Crosby attended the MACS 2021 All-State Banquet, held at BWI Airport Marriott in Linthicum, MD. McGrain and Crosby are both goalkeepers for Bel Air High School’s Varsity Soccer teams. After having incredible seasons this past fall, they made the All-State teams. 

McGrain made First Team All-State. She was a captain of the Bel Air Girls’ soccer team and helped lead them towards a winning season. McGrain brought both of her parents to dinner as well as two of her coaches: Michael Friskey and David Hyurik.  

“This season was so much fun,” McGrain explained, “I only got to play my senior year, but it was incredible. The All-State Banquet was a ton of fun. It was really cool to see some of my club teammates there and celebrate everyone that made it.” 

Crosby was an Honorable Mention for the All-State teams. He was a captain on the Bel Air Boys’ soccer team as a junior and had a great season. He held his team in multiple games and was a great leader for the group. He brought both of his parents to the banquet and one of his coaches, Zach Memmo. 

“It was a great night, there were a lot of people at the banquet and it was fun celebrating a great season. I’m very excited for my senior season and what is to come.” Crosby said.  

Emily McGrain and Ethan Crosby both attended the MACS 2021 All-State Banquet this past Monday for their incredible high school soccer seasons at Bel Air High School. While McGrain is graduating this year, Crosby has one more season as a Bobcat and will hopefully attend next year’s All-State Banquet as well.