Baseball Player Organizes Workouts For Teammates

Chris Bailey, Staff Writer

In preparation for tryouts on March 1, 2022, players from the Bel Air High School Baseball have took it upon themselves to organize workouts on Wednesday nights at Harford Sports Performance Center in Forest Hill, Maryland.

The workouts came together after Senior Catcher Chris Bailey had the thought of setting up off-season workouts. Bailey was able to easily set up the workouts at Harford Sports, as he is an employee there. Bailey said, “I just wanted to get people out early to make sure we were ready for the season. The season gets on you quick and demands you to get ready for games with only about two weeks of practice, so my hope was to have people close to game form before tryouts even begin,” when asked what motivated him to set up workouts.

“Just being a Senior, I really want to make sure the team is ready to go this year. This is my last shot at a state championship, you know, and I want to do everything possible to get there,” said Senior Second Baseman Mason Ripple. Along with Bailey, Ripple was a part of the idea of winter workouts.

Junior First Baseman, Third Baseman, and Pitcher Aiden Hankins said, “I think one of the most important things is that guys are getting their throwing in. Being able to throw bullpens each week to our catchers helps make sure our arms are ready to go come March and we don’t have to try to build up our arm strength then,” when asked what he thought was important about people attending workouts through the winter.

The baseball team will continue these workouts on Wednesday nights all the way through the month of February leading up to tryouts kicking off on March 1, 2022.