Bel Air Swimming Season Preview

Alexis Couch, Autumn Grimsley, Sports Writer

Bel Air High School Swimming is looking forward to another successful season. The team has three new coaches that are looking to improve their record from last year. 

The team feels like they are going in strong to the new season and are excited about the new coaches that they have. They get along very well and treat each other like a family, which is essential for their success throughout the season. 

The Bel Air Swim Team competes in the Harford County Schools division and practices at different times and places during the week. They practice at 2:15, 4:15 and 5:45 PM at either Magnolia, North Harford, or Edgewood High School. In practices the team has been working on starts and breakouts to be prepared for their first meet. 

Members of the Bel Air Swim Team said, “We are pumped to destroy everyone.” 

The coaches for this season are Galen, Connie, and Benesh. The team’s captains for the season are Lorela Gjorka, Alexa Kolosey, Matt Weaver, Micah Ernest, Broxa Benesh, and Sam Cohen. They are hoping that their swim team leaders can bring them a lot of success. \

The Bel Air Swim team said, “The team has great sportsmanship and is like a family.”

The team is planning on putting in a lot of effort to meet the expectations they have for their team.