Bobcats Girls Soccer Ties Cobras

Emily Mcgrain, Sports Writer

Bel Air girls’ soccer team tied the Harford Tech Cobras on Monday, October 7 at home after a strong fight through double overtime to maintain a 0-0 score.

The Bobcats put up a good fight to keep a game with no score. They were able to stop Tech’s winning streak with all their hard work.

Teamwork was key but the Bobcats were able to work hard throughout the full game and two overtime periods to stop the Cobras.

“It took a lot of hard work. I’m so proud of how we all worked together. I’m so excited to see how we play in our next game” Said junior Cate Chodnicki!

After the match, Harford Tech head coach came over to the Bobcats to compliment them on their hard work.

“It felt good to hear the coach tell us that we played well,” said Chodnicki, “It was cool to hear people noticing our work”.

With a lot of determination, the Bel Air girls’ soccer team pulled out a tie against the Cobras at Bel Air to end their winning streak.