Bobcats XC Dominate in Tri-Meet

Mia Leftridge, Sports Writer

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019 Bel Air along with Patterson Mill and North East High School Cross Country participants gathered at Tollgate Park for a three-mile race.

For the men’s race, they came in first overall with a score of 15. With senior Caleb Zylka coming in first with a time of 17:31, followed by freshman Bryce Knoll with a time of 18:10. Many Bel Air students placed significantly well in the tri-meet.

For the women’s race, they also came in first overall with the same amount of points as the men. With sophomore Elizabeth Pickett coming in first with a time of 20:25, followed by senior Rebekah Cross with a time of 21:04.

“Cross Country was the best and worst decision of my life,” said junior Sanjay Sethi when asked how he felt about his choice in engaging in this fall’s team. 

“Because I got to meet awesome people and go to see amazing schools, but when the seniors left I was sad because of how they made me feel. I like the seniors a lot,” said Sethi.

Motivation from Bull Run really pushed the Cross Country team to work harder and they’re planning on putting in even more effort at their future meets.

 “I had a great time at the meet, everyone did so well,” said junior Kylie Mika.

So far the Bel Air Cross Country season is going well, the next meet will be taking place at the Churchville Rec Center at 3PM on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Let’s go Bobcats!