Boys Varsity Volleyball Season Preview

Teshaun Waters, Sports Writer

BANG! Pop! Boom! Are you interested in hearing the satisfying sound of a poetic volleyball gliding in the bliss, swift, inside air? Well why don’t you watch the Bel Air High School Boys’ Varsity Volleyball team then?

Another reason to come and support the volleyball team, as if you’re not already convinced, you have quite the amalgamated team. The youthful, springy Juniors joining forces with the experienced, veteran Seniors.

Our team roster consists of the following: James Carrier, Matt Crosby, Braden Edwards, Jacob Harris, Brandon Kestner, Preston Merz, Kevin Osei-Boateng, John Tran, Sean Conway, Micah Ernest, Jeremy Ginley, Blake Pegler, and Jordan Reiswig.

These players tend to be very respectful to the sport and their team, as team member John Tran stated how they’ll win “as a team.”

The team members are also looking quite confident coming into the season; maintaining a humble, yet confident morale throughout.

In a personal interview I asked team member John Tran again on what the volleyball team is looking forward to during the season and he said, “Its to beat C. Milton Wright in the county Championship.”

Plus, admission is free. So, what are you waiting for! Get ready to cheer on your school contemporaries and help them prove that Bel Air isn’t a team to underestimate. Go Bobcats!