2019 Girls Varsity Soccer Season Preview

Emily McGrain, Caroline Hilyard, Sports Writer

It is a new season for the girls’ varsity soccer. This season the girls’ team is coached by Josh Ruggiero and Dave Budga. The team hopes to work hard this season towards their goals. 

Last year the girls’ varsity soccer team had a record of 12-4-2, 12 wins, 4 loses, and 2 ties. This season there are many new players, including Madden Horner (junior), Emma Griffiths (sophomore), Cate Chodnicki (junior), Mackenzie Mullan (sophomore), Rachel Pieper (freshman), Payton Todd (freshman), Logan Cook (sophomore), and Olivia Adams(junior) are all new players this season. The captains this season are Mackenzie Plowman, Maddie Wallace, and Abbey Coscia. 

During the preseason, the girls’ varsity soccer team had two scrimmages. Their first scrimmage was against Aberdeen High School. Bel Air won 12-0. Their second scrimmage was against Eastern Tech High school. Bel Air won that scrimmage 5-0. Every player is key, and they all have a role on the team. Throughout the year each player must play their role on the team to help make the team successful this year. 

Head coach Josh Ruggiero said, “The team this year is a great group of girls who we’ve been looking forward to working with for a while. We have a good balance of new faces and returning ones that will make for an exciting year”.

This season the team is going to be working towards their goal. They hope to work hard and work as a team to complete their ultimate goal. 

“It will be interesting to see who steps out of the shadows to be the heart and soul of the team once we get going”, said Ruggiero.

This season is going to be filled with difficult challenges and it will be exciting to see how the captains lead the team to another great season.