Bel Air XC Kicks Off their 2019 Season

Allie Post, Sports Writer


The Bel Air Cross Country Season has started the season with their first meet on Tuesday, September 25, 2019. The meet took place at the Cecil County School of Technology in Elkton. Many of the players have returned this year to run again and many new faces have joined the team this year.

The season started off with Bel Air winning their first meet. Coming in first overall for both boys and girls. On the boys side, senior Caleb Zylka came in first overall with a time of 16:58. Followed by junior Sanjay Sethi with a time of 18:12. On the girls side, sophomore Elizabeth Pickett came in first overall with a time of 21:04. Followed by senior Rebekah Cross with a time of 21:16. 

“Our team just had our first meet and I am impressed with how well everyone is doing,” said junior Maya Fieck. 

Before the teams first meet, the team competed at John Carroll for a 2 mile race. The team did really well overall and set the expectations high for the season. 

“I think we have a lot of great talent from the freshman on the guy and girl teams,” said junior Matt Ervin. 

Last season the Bel Air cross country team did a great job. They won multiple meets and many of the runners broke personal records throughout the season. With the teams progress from last year, they should be able to do just as well this year. 

“We are really excited to start the new season with so many new people on the team,” said junior Kylie Mika. 

The Cross Country team looks like they are going to have a great season. With many players reaching personal records. The next meet take place on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at North Harford High School. Let’s go Bobcats!