Boys’ Lacrosse Picks Up First Win of the Season

Bryce Utz

On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, the Bel Air Boys’ Lacrosse team won their first game versus Harford Tech, at 5:15 on a sunny afternoon, by a score of 16-2.

The Bobcats finally outscored their opponent and set both offensive and defense season records. The offense was shooting and scoring, as the team put 16 goals, which is the most the Bobcats have scored yet this season.

On the other hand, the defense was on lockdown, letting in only two goals. The goalies all rotated through and, while only taking a minimal amount of shots, played wonderfully.

Senior captain and midfielder Bryan Becker said that “The offense executed well yesterday. We worked the ball around quick and had good stick skills. We did not force anything on the inside and did not let the ball die in our stick. We took good shots, not the first shot.”

In addition, the team seemed to play as one, communication by the defense, smooth offensive motions/sets, or even smooth subbing in-and-out of the box all helping the team gel together. The team only had two team penalties, in which the Bobcat man down team held the Cobras to one out of two.

Senior captain and defenseman Connor Riggs said that “We were really focused on communication throughout the game to remain on the same page. We also made sure to focus on positivity throughout the entire team to dig us out of this hole.”

In conclusion, the Bobcats lacrosse team worked to reverse their bad start by adding their first win of the season, making them 1-4.