The 2018 Bel Air Cheer Invitational

Riley Kenney and Diana Riggs

On Monday, October 15, 2018, the Bel Air High School cheerleaders and administration held the Bel Air Invitational at Bel Air High School.

The Bel Air High School Varsity and JV Cheerleaders competed in their second competition of the season on Monday, October 15, 2018. The Bobcat Invitational took place at Bel Air High School and had 19 teams competing. The JV Bel Air cheerleaders competed against 6 teams while the Bel Air Varsity Cheerleaders performed their routine as a showcase. This means that they were not in the running for first place, as they just performed to show everyone the routine they have been working on. The number of varsity teams competing was 12.

“I always love having the Bel Air Invitational! It is one of my favorite competitions because a lot of friends and family come because the competition is so local. It is also cool to see all the teams at your school,” said Gabby Pasko, a Bel Air Varsity Cheerleader.

Although there were some unfortunate minor technical difficulties with some of the teams’ music, Bel Air Cheer along with all of the other teams managed to stay positive. People even started to count for other teams if things went wrong with music.

Grace Lorenz, a third-year varsity member and junior at BAHS, says that she “love[s] having the Bel Air invitational because it helps raise money for our program, and shows our school spirit. It shows what BAHS Cheerleading is all about; sportsmanship and our team coming together as one.”

Overall, the Bel Air High School Cheerleading program was happy to be able to host this successful event. The Invitational shows the coaches how hard their team works and makes them proud to have Bel Air Bobcats as their athletes.