Boys’ Soccer Victorious Over Both North Harford and Northern High School

Andreas Akalou

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On Thursday October 4, 2018 the Bobcat Boys’ Soccer Team traveled to North Harford High School to play against the Hawks.

The boys were dominating in possession the first half hour of the game but couldn’t find the back of the net. Finally, Senior Ethan Lassen crossed the ball to Junior Andrew Argentieri who scored, making it 1-0.

Going into halftime the boys were up 1-0 hungry for more goals. They knew they had to finish more chances if they wanted to get s bigger lead.

Coming back in the second half the boys kept scoring. Senior Rodney Mairose scored one and Ethan Lassen scored two making it harder for the Hawks to come back.  The boys were happy walking out of the stadium winning 4-0 .

“Good win today, now let’s focus on our game against Northern tomorrow” Coach Rose said in the huddle after the game.

On Friday October 5, 2018 the Bobcat Boys’ Soccer Team faced the Patriots of Northern High School away at 6:00pm.

The Patriots came ready to play that night on their home field giving the Bobcats a hard time. The team had a lot more opportunities than Northern in the first half but couldn’t finish.

After their first chance of the game, the Patriots scored making it 1-0. This boosted the Patriots momentum leading to a lot more chances but they didn’t score.

“We shouldn’t be losing this game, they’re playing well but we just aren’t pressing them” Senior Ethan Lassen says on the sideline in the first half.

Junior Andrew Argentieri scored right away in the second half tying the game at 1. The boys came out with so much energy in the second half looking like a new team. Ethan Lassen scored the game winner with twenty minutes left.

All in all, a well earned successful week for the Bobcats.

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Boys’ Soccer Victorious Over Both North Harford and Northern High School