Girls’ Soccer Edges Out Perry Hall

Rylee Kluge and Megan Weaver

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On Thursday, September 20, 2018 the Bel Air Girls’ Soccer team defeated Perry Hall 1-0 at Bobcat Stadium.

Amber Wambach scored the only goal in the game against Perry Hall with one second left after a hard-fought game.

Perry Hall and Bel Air played a back and forth game, but with enough time to put in a goal, the Cats made it a shutout game. They played their best until they could score, and the Bobcats did just that.

“I can’t believe I even scored with 1 second left to be honest, I thought that it wouldn’t have counted. I wasn’t sure if the ref was going to call it a goal or not!” Amber Wambach stated

Both goalies were getting a workout, but Senior Goalie, Jill Kozak did a great job of defending Bel Air’s back, and not letting any goals in.

“This was the first game our team played like a family instead of individuals. We fought hard all 80 minutes, we didn’t give up, and it payed off in the very end,” said Jill Kozak

The team will hope to continue being this strongly united as the season moves on.

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Girls’ Soccer Edges Out Perry Hall