Track Competes at Chesapeake Division Championships

Diana Riggs

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On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, the Bel Air Track team competed in the Chesapeake Division Championships at C. Milton Wright High School for their 7th meet of the season.

During the men’s 100-meter dash, Kurt Nolasco placed 9th and in the women’s 100-meter dash, Emilia Dziedzic placed 3rd. During the men’s 200-meter dash, Kurt Nolasco placed 5th and Emilia Dziedzic placed 5th as well in the women’s 200-meter dash. During the men’s 400-meter dash, Brenton Duvall placed 6th and Caitlyn Graney placed 5th during the women’s 400-meter dash. During the men’s 800-meter dash, Brenton Duvall placed 3rd and Paige Blaker placed 3rd during the 800-meter dash. During the men’s 1600-meter dash, Ethan Gray placed 2nd. During the women’s 1600-meter dash, Rebekah Cross placed 1st with a time of 5:33! During the men’s 3200-meter dash, Caleb Zylka placed 3rd. during the women’s 3200-meter dash, Rebekah Cross placed 1st with a time of 12:08!

During the men’s 110-meter dash, Owen Sparr placed 11th and during the women’s 100-meter hurdle, Lydia Cross placed 3rd. During the men’s 300-meter hurdle, Stephen Cullinan placed 6th and for the women’s 300-meter hurdle dash Lydia Cross placed 3rd. During the women’s 4×100 women’s, Bel Air placed 3rd. During the men’s 4×200, Bel Air placed 5th. As for the women’s 4×200, Bel Air placed 6th. During the men’s 4×400 race, Bel Air placed 3rd. As for the women’s 4×400, Bel Air placed 1st! For the men’s 4×800, Bel Air placed 6th. For the women’s 4×800, Bel Air placed 1st!

“This meet was good! We had multiple wins during different races and that’s amazing! The meet was so good, and I can’t wait to see what the next meet brings!” said Sophomore, Meliyah Faison.

During the men’s shot put, Jake Rolocut placed 2nd and for the women’s shot put, Lillian Smith placed 6th. For the men’s discus, Mason Wooten placed 8th and for the women’s discus, Annika Egerland placed 13th. During the men’s high jump, Stephen Cullinan placed 5th. For the men’s pole vault, Adam Keh placed 5th. During the men’s long jump, Maxwell Fisher placed 12th and for the women’s long jump, Emilia Dziedzic placed 2nd. Finally, for the men’s triple jump, Maxwell Fisher placed 15th.

The Bobcats have been killing it on the track lately and don’t show any signs of slowing down.

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Track Competes at Chesapeake Division Championships