Tennis Starts Season Off Strong With Two Victories

Jack Thompson

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On Thursday, April 5, and Friday, April 6, 2018 the Bel Air high School Varsity Tennis team faced Rising Sun away and Fallston at home for their first two matches of the season. They won both games beating Rising Sun with a score of 6-5 and Fallston with a score of 8-3.

As they traveled to Rising Sun High School, the Bobcats were ambitious as they were about to have their first match with a new team. The team possessed a lot of new skill with new additions such as Vivekraj Harinarayan, Chris Loi, Shreya Sharma, Dhara Patel and many more fresh faces.

The Bobcats were able to secure wins from all singles matches, including Vivekraj Harinarayan, Chris Loi, Logan Ruth, Kirsten Tran, Shreya Sharma and Chloe Tran. With the team taking wins in these matches, the Bobcats were able to head back to Bel Air after winning with a score of 6-5.

“I am so glad we were able to take a win in our first two matches. It was nice to see our team come together and play good tennis”, said Varsity Doubles Player, Dhara Patel.

After coming off of a win against Rising Sun, the Bobcats had high expectations as they went up against Fallston on their home court. They faced the cougars with a similar lineup as Thursday. In the previous year, they took losses against Fallston so they were coming back for vengeance.

The Bobcats secured a win from singles players, Vivekraj Harinarayan, Logan Ruth, Kirsten Tran, Shreya Sharma, and Chloe Tran. They also took wins in their doubles matches from Jada Lewis and Mandy Tran, and Dhara Patel and Jacqui Zorzi. After racking up all these wins, the Bobcats were able to redeem themselves from the previous year, and beat the cougars with a score of 8-3.

“It’s nice to see our team come together and rack up some wins”, said Varsity Player, Jaimee Lavarias.

The Varsity Tennis team is off to a strong start to their season with a record of 2-0. Some upcoming competition they have this season are teams such as C. Milton wright, Aberdeen, Patterson Mill and North Harford after they took losses from them in the previous year.

The Tennis team is making a big impact in the Harford county tennis scene this year after racking up multiple wins against Fallston and Rising Sun, make sure to support them as their season rolls on.