Girls’ Lacrosse Dominant to Start Season

Angel Whitaker

Bel Air Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse had two home games, one on Monday, March 26, 2018 and the other on Tuesday, March 27, 2018. On Monday, Bel Air played against Episcopal Academy, a private school from Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. On Tuesday, Bel Air played Perry Hall High School.

Bel Air defeated Episcopal Academy 11-9 on Monday. This was Chelsea Gostomski’s first game as goalie and it ended in a win. Bel Air defeated Perry Hall the next day by a score of 16-8.

Monday’s game was close, Episcopal’s players were very good and played very hard. This was a really good game and the fans were excited, anxious and on their feet the whole time because of it.

“The Episcopal game was honestly overall really fun. I had no clue they were as good as they were and I kind of just went on the field and played even though I didn’t really know what was going on. Everyone did amazing. Team work is the reason why we won both games. We all mesh as a team really well. Our first game [Episcopal], Maggie really saved us towards the end with winning all the draws,” says Goalie, Chelsea Gostomski.

Perry Hall was playing really rough during Tuesday’s game and they were pushing a lot. The team played very well however and their season is starting out very good. The Bobcats defeated the Perry Hall Gators with the score of 16-8.

Perry Hall put up a tough fight but Bel Air was too motivated to be stopped Tuesday night. The team is full of speed and drive for the game and they cheer for each other on the sidelines with good sportsmanship and attitudes.

“We played a really great game, and it’s nice to see our team come together. We’re just going to keep practicing and improving as we go into the rest of the season!” says Midfielder, Anna McQuay.

Chelsea played the whole Perry Hall game in the goal and did amazing like the last game. Everyone contributed toward the win and they all played great.

The team is full of ambition and that leads them to numerous victories. They work hard during practice and play amazing in games. The majority of the team are seniors that have been on the team for years, who all know each other well and work great together, all hoping to earn another ring in their last year playing as a team.