2018 Track and Field Preview

Diana Riggs

On Thursday, March 1 2018, the Bel Air High School Track team held tryouts for the 2018 spring season at Bel Air High School.

The Bel Air track team is preparing for a good season coming up. They have been working hard and practicing since the very first day of March, even with the month’s bizarre weather.

There are seven events for the 2018 spring season. They include events at Bohemia Manor, Harford Tech, Bel Air, Edgewood, Chesapeake, and Perryville. The two events at Perryville are considered tournaments and the rest are normal events.

“We have over 100 runners this season, so we can now have people specialized in only a couple events, which is good. With all these participants comes a lot of potential!” said Bryson Foye, a Bel Air High School track runner.

The five events leading up to the tournaments at Perryville are the UCBAC events. These events are countywide. The first event was between Bel Air High School, Aberdeen High School, and Bohemia Manor High School.

“There is definitely a handful of potential in the athletes his year, but it is still up to them and the coaches to determine what kind of season we will have,” said Jake Rolocut, a Bel Air track runner.

Make sure to come out and support your Track team during this entire season, and at their first home meet this Thursday, April 5, 2018