Boys’ Basketball Takes Losses to Hawks

Jack Thompson

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The Boys’ Basketball team had their tenth game of the season against North Harford at their home court on January 19, 2017, and eleventh game at Havre de Grace away on January 22, 2017. Both games resulted in a loss with the team losing 43-44 against North Harford, and losing 67-51 against Havre De Grace.

On Friday, January 19, 2017, North Harford traveled to Bel Air for Bel Air’s tenth game of the season. The Bobcats were coming off two previous wins, but knew they were in for a tough match. After a close and intense game with plays from Kieran McDermott, Ray Burrows, Zach Liberto and more, the Hawks took the win with a score of 44-43.

Then, Monday came around and the team had to face Havre De Grace after the game was rescheduled from the 17th of January. After an excellent game, the Warriors took the win over the Bobcats with a final score of 67-51.

“I’m pretty upset that we lost but I look forward to our upcoming games”, said Varsity player, Brandon Kestner.

The team will hope to continue their groove they were in from their victories over Elkton and Perryville.

“The team is starting to look really good. They had a rough start but its impressive that they are starting to win some games”, said Varsity Girls Basketball Player, McKenna Reiswig.