Boys’ Basketball Takes Losses to Aberdeen, Edgewood

Jack Thompson

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On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, and Monday, December 18 2017, The Boys’ Varsity basketball team went up against Aberdeen away at Aberdeen’s home court and Edgewood at their own home court at Bel Air. Both games resulted in a loss.

On Thursday, the team played at Aberdeen High School at 5:30 pm. The team was coming from a 0-3 record, but were optimistic to win the game. Unfortunately, after a game with great plays by players Brandon Kestner, Spencer Sanza, Kieran McDermott and more, the team lost with a final score of 56-84. After this game, the team had a record of 0-4.

Then, on Monday, Edgewood traveled to Bel Air for their fifth game of the season. The game was in the gym at 6:45 pm. The team really wanted to win this one with it being on their home court, and coming off another loss. After an intense and close game, the team finished with a final score of 45-53, giving them their fifth loss of the season.

“I am really disappointed that we lost both games. I am looking forward to our next game and really hope to win soon”, said Varsity player, Brandon Kestner.

“The team has the potential to be really good this season, I hope they can utilize that and win a game soon”, said Varsity Girls’ Basketball player, McKenna Reiswig.