Why More Students Should Attend School Sporting Events


Jenna Ranney

Now that Homecoming week is over and there is no spirit week or Homecoming game, some of you may think there’s nothing else fun to do after school. The Homecoming game against Fallston was packed and that’s how every game at Bel Air should be.  You don’t have to attend every game doesn’t, but making an effort to show up to any home games would mean a lot to the coaches and players on the field that night.

Having a stadium full of screaming fans gets the players more hyped up to play and do better. Even coaches get more hyped up for a game because it adds more competition and drive to win the game. Football games have the biggest crowd, filling the whole student section, and so many people enjoy the chants and the cheering. Imagine if every sport game was like that! This would push the players to want to do better and give them motivation. No one likes a quiet student section.

As a Varsity lacrosse player, I can say from experience, the games mean more when you can hear the fans screaming from the other side. It makes the sidelines want to cheer louder for their teammates and gets the players on the field more into the game. I can personally say, we have won our games when we had a crowd in the stands cheering us on. I want that for every team and every game, so it’s an all-around better experience for everyone. 

Games are as fun and as live as the student section makes them. For the Bel Air vs. John Carroll, Battle of the Bel Air football game, the stadium was packed left and right. The blue-out added to the excitement, all of Bel Air in one color cheering for the same team. The players and coaches were both so excited to play because of the turnout of the game.

Mr. Huryk, the football coach, said “I hope we get the same excitement and energy for the Fallston game tonight as we did for the John Carroll game,” at the pep rally the day of the Homecoming football game.

Going to the games is not just about hyping up the players, it is also about the experience. These games give you a break from all the schoolwork and stress, and give you an exciting night you will remember. Having all your friends around you, yelling with you, and cheering with you makes it fun for everyone around you. If we brought this excitement to all the games like field hockey, soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, etc. It could be a more competitive and live experience.

In conclusion, show up, be loud, and be supportive Bobcats!