Inspiring Board Member Mrs. Carol Bruce Visits Bel Air


Holly Olive

The students of Journalism II and III took a group photo with Ms. Bruce. Not pictured: Makaila Guerrier and Colin O’Hare.

Tyler Kirk, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, February 25th, 2023, Harford County Public Schools Board of Education member and devoted community leader, Mrs. Carol Bruce, visited Bel Air High School to talk with the Journalism II and III students. The visit was a follow up to the recently published article, A Brief History of BAHS 

Bruce talked about her past experiences in Harford County, going back to her time at the Havre De Grace Consolidated school. Currently she is a board member of the Havre De Grace Colored School Museum and Cultural Center, according to their mission statement, they are, “…devoted to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture in Harford County…”.  

 Dr. Juanita Christine, executive service civilian with the Department of the Army, once said “You can not aspire to be that to which you are not exposed.” Bruce’s education in a segregated Harford County, in addition to her adult life in civil service, will be covered more in depth in the upcoming Bellarion story, HCPS’s History of Segregated and Consolidated Schools 

The Journalism II and III students thank Mrs. Carol Bruce for coming out and sharing her story with our community.