Envirothon Presents Ideas to “Adapt to Climate Change”


The Envirothon team pose with teachers Ms. Tyler Hamilton and Mrs. Jordan Long after their competition .

Tyler Kirk, Staff Writer

On February 25th, 2023, Bel Air High School’s Envirothon team competed at Harford Glen in the 5th topic presentations “Adapting to Climate Change.” A panel consisting of five judges listened into the 15-minute presentation in addition to delivering five minutes of questioning after.  

Envirothon is an environmental competition held yearly, with 13 counties competing in Maryland, and individual teams at the majority of high schools in those counties. Four main categories are considered in both the presentations and the competition in the spring; wildlife, forestry, aquatic ecology, and soils. Students showcase the skills and environmental knowledge that they gained throughout the year, from learning at “trainings” with scientists and experts of the previously listed categories, in addition to their own independent research and studying. Bel Air High School’s team is advised by Ms. Tyler Hamilton and Mrs. Jordan Long.  

As some students may remember, the 2022 presentations consisted of solutions relating to “Reducing Food Waste,” implementing share tables and compost bins, with this BAHS landed 3rd place in the county.  

This year there were multiple solutions, some of the major ones were (but not limited to): reducing fuel consumption by introducing electric buses and no-idle zones, reducing food waste (similar to last year), reducing our impact by utilizing no-mow zones and shielded light fixtures, and educating students to promote environmental literacy in our schools. This landed BAHS’s team in 6th place.  

According to team advisor Ms. Hamilton, “The presentation showed off our skills in data analysis and academic research. The use of research studies to justify the proposed solutions was impressive, and it definitely impressed the judges!” 

The presentation team for 2023 consisted of students Kaylin Stufft, Alicia Nguyen, Reese Schofield, Sky Cross, and Tyler Kirk.