Voices of Equity Summit a Success


Kelly Blackburn

Voices of Equity members pose for a group photo in January 2023.

Colin O'Hare, Staff Writer

On Friday, January 27, 2023, the members of Voices of Equity met to discuss issues prevalent to the school environment in a summit held at Bel Air High School.  

Voices of Equity is a club made up of students from many different backgrounds that come together to educate students on how to overcome and understand each other’s differences. Voices of Equity meets on the first and third Monday of each month and the club is run by Mrs. Kelly Blackburn, English Department Chair.  

The summit was composed of representatives from 17 BAHS clubs that came together to discuss the next steps for the clubs, current issues, and the agenda of each club for the upcoming months. The summit was designed to plan for the near future of each club to keep them running smoothly and in the right direction. Most importantly, the summit was to celebrate all of the good “goings on” in the building, and for Voices of Equity members to share they are willing to help in any meetings when needed. 

Summit attendant, Makaila Guerrier, thought the experience was a good one. “We talked about school issues and I would like to do it again.”  If you are interested in joining Voices of Equity, please contact Ms. Blackburn in C302.