Core Club Chips in Advice to BAMS 8th Graders


Kathryn Deyesu

CORE Club members pose for a group photo on their field trip to BAMS January 27.

Makaila Guerrier, Staff Writer


On Friday, January 27, 2022, CORE Club took a field trip to Bel Air Middle School to discuss high school life with the 8th graders. Students who volunteered gave a presentation about sports, clubs, and all things one would like to know before starting high school. It was a helpful guide for the 8th graders who have class registration soon. 

“Some groups had a lot of questions, and some didn’t,” CORE Club advisor, Ms. Laura Wilhelm explained. It is usual for some classes to be louder than others. Even if there were fewer questions asked, each class gained more knowledge on the High School experience whether that be class, club, or sport related. 

This is an annual field trip for Core Club. Ms. Laura Wilhelm and Ms. Maria Reed, the CORE club sponsors, have been doing this for about 5 years now. The club’s acronym, CORE, stands for Challenging Ourselves to Respect Everyone.  The way they display this ideology is by promoting inclusion, fundraisers, acts of kindness, and other things in those categories. CORE club works in and out of school, encouraging students in our school to promote respect in our community. 

Within the club, there are CORE Club officers who are elected to help manage the club. The officers can be from any grade. They guide the meetings that CORE club members have each month.  Currently, officers are Norah Delaney, Senior, Jamie Tran, Junior, and Katelyn Hoang, senior.

After a successful trip to BAMS, CORE club looks forward to welcoming the incoming freshman next year, and hope they were able to ease high school related stress.