Trout Take Over BAHS Science Classrooms


Colin O'Hare, Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks, Bel Air High School has made new additions to the school environment in the form of the science department hatching trout eggs, over the past few weeks during winter break. The trout currently live in a controlled area in Ms. Kristen Snell’s classroom, and it is planned that they will transfer into their full-sized tank next week.  

Trout are a freshwater species belonging to the salmon family. Trout are normally found in cool streams and lakes throughout North America, Europe and Asia. According to National Geographic, Female Trout can lay up to 900 trout eggs per pound of body weight. Trout start reproducing at around the age of 3-4 and can live up to 20 years long. 

“It has become quite the curious tradition, seeing the students push one another out of the way, sprinting to the back of the classroom to see the fishy foes,” shared Snell student Tyler Kirk.

Check out updates to this story next week when the trout are in their new tank!