Anchors Aweigh! Environmental Students Take On Inner Harbor

Molly Olschewske, Staff Writer

Ms. Kristen Snell and her environmental science students set out for a field trip on November 17th, 2022, at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Students experienced a boat trip on the “Snow Goose,” which set sail Thursday morning. According to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s website, “the workboat Snow Goose provides a unique platform from which participants study the dynamic relationship between the Port of Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay’s Patapsco River.” 

Snell and her group approximately 12 students spent their time on the water learning about the animals and wildlife. They also spent some time of the day bird watching.  

Finally, the students got to use their science skills near Fort McHenry, testing the water for chemicals, fishing for clams, and cleaning off the clams to examine and learn about the varied species of animals that can live inside clams. 

Student Makaila Guerrier describes the experience as “cold, but very fun!”