Engineering Team Sets Sail for 2023 Challenge

Engineering Team is kicking off their year this November with a new Cargo Ship Challenge.


Molly Olschewske

The BAHS Boat is under construction as of November 2022.

Molly Olschewske, Staff Writer

If you were not aware of Bel Air High School’s hardworking engineering team, now you are! There are about 30 students here at Bel Air High that are members of the engineering team. One of our school’s technology education teachers, Mr. Christopher Serokos, oversees this team. He is certified in teaching engineering concepts to students.

Partaking in the engineering team involves students’ comprehension, problem-solving skills, teamwork, and self-confidence. Our current captains of the engineering team are Sophia Chen and Kendell Marx. They have filled this position for their four years of high school. The engineering team is currently working on The Cargo Ship Challenge for The Maryland Engineering Challenge from the Baltimore Museum Industry. This contest, conducted by a local Baltimore company, asks students to design a bulk carrier cargo ship to deliver 40,000 tons of processed sugar to remote ports. The shortest wharf on the expected route is 600 feet long, and the minimum depth in any port is 40 feet. There is also a narrow channel that must be navigated at each end of the transit. They must build a 1″ to 20’0″ scale, radio-controlled model that is tested in the inner harbor. Students will use STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in order to solve this complicated problem. Each challenge also integrates reading, writing, and public speaking with hands-on project-based learning.  

As you can see, the engineering team provides many beneficial skills and hands-on learning experiences. So if you are interested, the team meets every Tuesday and Thursday in A123, and they are always looking for new members!