Homecoming Dance 2022: A Return to Remember


The 2022 Homecoming Dance was illuminated by neon lights.

Colin O'Hare, Staff Writer

On October 8, 2022, the students and faculty at Bel Air High School enjoyed the first major event of the school year in the form of the Homecoming Dance.

Doors opened at 7:00p.m., which was met with a hefty crowd that began to form in the doorway. Lines with attendees guarded the entrance, and students began to pour into the front of the school and into the lines, kicking off the night.

The setup of the dance borrowed many pieces from the year prior, however the atmosphere and restrictions of the dance were drastically different than 2021 . No more masks or social distancing guidelines were in place as the normalcy of the event returned in full swing.

The cafeteria was stationed with many games like Kan-Jam, Cornhole and Ring toss, while a movie played over on the screen for attendees to watch while they took a break from the action. The courtyard was decorated and put together to give students a place to congregate and relax in the decorated outdoor venue. The main event, however, was the gymnasium.

The dance floor was lined in neon lights while the music blasted, crowds formed around the inside of the gym and the energy was electric. The DJ stole the show with his excellent selections and the spirits of the students were high. Snacks and beverages were provided to students to refuel from the busy attractions of the night.

After a few years of an odd Homecoming experience, it was good for students and faculty to return to a long awaited normal in the first Homecoming dance restriction free. The night was captivated by energetic fun that brought the school community as a whole, and kicked off a promising year with a fun time for all students in attendance.