Drama Company Presents “Wizard of Oz” This Fall!

“Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore. We must be in Bel Air High School!”

Makaila Guerrier, Staff Writer

The Bel Air Drama Company will be performing the classic ‘The Wizard of Oz” at Bel Air High School from November 17-19. Tickets are not available yet, however physical tickets may be being sold again.  Dates for ticket purchases are still to be determined.

Every day after school, the Drama Company will be working hard to prepare an enchanting performance. They have big ambitions for this upcoming play.

When asked what to expect from the Drama Company, the cast and crew have the highest expectations. “It’s going to be really big,” said Jordin Hundt, assistant director.

Casting was completed last week. The leads for the show are junior, Maggie Donahue, who plays Dorothy Gale; junior, Brett Conway, who plays Cowardly Lion; sophomore, Drew Opdyke, who plays Tinman; and junior, Adam Kindley, who plays Scarecrow.

In addition to the cast, the people behind the scenes are just as crucial to production. The crew is led by Bel Air High School Drama Teacher, Nathan Jourdan; advisor, Aubrey Klarman; assistant director, Jordin Hundt; production assistant, McKenzie Chloe Morris, and many more amazing people, including dance choreographers.

Make sure to follow the “Yellow Brick Road” to see this marvelous performance from the BADC this fall!