BADC Puts On Fall Improv Show, “Practically Prepared”

Allison Silver, News Writer

The Bel Air Drama Company’s fall show, the “Practically Prepared” Improv Show, was
held on November 22nd . The performance began at 7 PM in the auditorium. Tickets were $5 at
the door.
            The cast had been working over the course of five rehearsals to prepare various scenes
for the show. There were two acts and thirteen scenes in total. Scenes were created and
performed by groups of three or four cast members. Some scenes were dramas, some were
tragedies, and others were comedies. There was even one musical performance.
Four of these scenes were improv games scattered in between performances. Cast
members volunteered to participate in these activities before the show began. The four games
played were Living Scenery, Random Sentences, Questions Only, and Freeze.
“This season and production was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The entire
show was exactly like it was named: ‘practically prepared,’” said Anastasia Andrews, sophomore
and cast member. Anastasia has been a part of three seasons with the BADC.
Returners to the BADC were unsure if the fall season would happen due to the events that
transpired last year involving the directors, but Mr. Jourdan took it upon himself to lead the
show. Seniors were glad they were able to have a final fall season.
“It was a blast to see new and old people. It felt different because we were missing major
factors of the process, but I wouldn’t change a thing,” said Miranda Krausman, senior and
production stage manager.
The Bel Air Drama will most likely be having a spring season led by Mr. Jourdan.