BAHS Homecoming Tickets Go on Sale

David Walker, News Writer

  Bel Air High School’s Homecoming dance is days away and the ticket sales are about to begin.

This year’s ticket sales come with a new policy; they will be sold in the school cafeteria before school. They will only be available until 7:27 am.

Another change is the tickets prices. Each ticket will be sold for $30.00. This is a $10.00 increase from last year’s ticket prices.

Merrick Chojnacki is planning on going to Homecoming and he said that, “the tickets are too expensive and is a big change from last year.”.

 The availability of tickets will be staggered according to your grade. Seniors will be able to purchase tickets Tuesday, October 8th, Juniors Thursday, October 10th, Sophomores Friday, October 11th, and everyone can purchase by Monday, October 14th.

Bryce Utz is a fan of the staggered ticket availability, he said, “Seniors being able to purchase tickets earlier resembles the fact that they are the top dogs this year. They worked hard to make it to their senior year, and they are reaping the rewards”.

To conclude, there have been a lot of big changes to purchasing tickets this year, however its should still be a fun homecoming week. So, get out there buy your tickets, and have a great night!