HCPS Gives Out Free Flu Vaccine Shots to All Students

Megan Weaver, News Writer

Between October 1st and 4th, free flu shot vaccinations will be offered at all Harford County Public Schools by the Maryland Partnership for Prevention in order to prevent the spread of the flu. 

In order to prevent a county-wide flu epidemic, HCPS has partnered up with Maryland Partnership for Prevention and the health department in order to ensure that all students have access to flu vaccines. This initiative aims to keep families healthy and in school. 

These flu vaccines will be free to all Harford County Public School students whose parents filled out the consent form that was given out, or the online version of it. For students with health insurance, the company will be billed, with no copay or deductible. For students who lack health insurance, the vaccine will still be available at no charge, making this a great opportunity for all. 

“I think it’s awesome. It’s helpful for parents that work full time which is most of our population. It will ultimately help keep the students in school,” said BAHS school nurse, Kelly Mercer.

The consent form is one page long, and requires the students information such as age, address, and contact information for the parent. There is a section for insurance information, which will allow the company to be charged, without charging the student or students family. The paper requires parent signatures, and is very easy to complete. 

“I think anything that keeps our students safe and our staff safe and healthy is a good thing. Its free and free is always a good thing. It’s here and it’s easy,” said Daphne Brenner, School Nurse. 

Getting the flu shot has never been easier than it is now, just fill out a form by September 25, and you’re all set to help keep our school happy and healthy.